Majority of the time, people in Kent notice the prominent features of their home, such as the siding, windows, and doors and overlook the small stuff. Many people are not aware of what soffits and fascias are, yet they are most likely in their homes. They come in handy when one is planning a renovation or to sell the house, where they will need to know them. So, what are soffits and fascias? And what are their differences? Read on to find out all about soffits and fascias Kent.

What Are Fascias?

A fascia always goes hand in hand with the home’s soffit. It is the area of the siding that is directly above the soffit. It is the exposed board on the front of the roof’s overhang. They help to block out the tiling of the roof and water pipes that are attached to the exterior of the roof. It is quite visible and needs to be in great shape to ensure that the home’s curb appeal is not at risk. They create a fantastic aesthetic to your Kent house by ensuring that the exposed rafters are not seen.

What Are Soffits?

A soffit is the exposed siding that is underneath the roof’s overhang. It is located on the underside of the roof to protect the rafter. It is not often visible when it comes to curb appeal. It, however, can be seen when one is close to the home or underneath it. It mainly is in the same colour and design as the siding of the home but can be different based on one’s tastes and preferences. In the past, soffits were only made of wood, which is prone to rot and decay. It would affect the structure of the roof since it would spread the rot and deteriorate very quickly. Over the past years, they have been replaced by aluminium and uPVC, that are way more durable and do not suffer from the same issues that timber soffits do.

Fascias and SoffitsWhy Are Fascias And Soffits Important For Your Home in Kent?

One may wonder why such small stuff is essential for the home. The truth is that it is crucial to stay up to date on the soffits and fascias in your home to ensure that the house looks good and is energy efficient.


  • Soffits are important because they have venting that will help maintain a steady airflow between the attic and the roof. The air outside the home is quite as crucial as that inside it. The attic needs to be well maintained since not doing so will cause moisture to build up, causing mould to form, and the last thing every homeowner needs is mould.
  • They also help to release heat from the attic during summer, where the temperatures are quite hot.
  • They help keep insects and animals out of the home. As for the bees and wasps that love to nestle up in the soffit, it is vital to maintain the soffit to prevent them from invading. Repair any holes or replace it if need be.


  • A fascia is the last line of support for the lower edge of the bottom row of the roof tiles. They are also where gutters are installed; hence, they need to be able to hold them up even during heavy downpours.
  • Fascias are visible to everyone; hence, one can use them to maximise on their home’s curb appeal. One can design it according to their tastes and preferences to add some spark to the house.

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Soffits And Fascias

The primary materials of soffits and fascias are wood, vinyl, and aluminium. Wood, as mentioned earlier, is susceptible to warping and rotting when it is exposed to moisture; hence, it is not the ideal material to use. Aluminium, on the other hand, will absorb heat and make the attic and the roof very hot, which will decrease the home’s energy efficiency since one will have to depend more on the air conditioner. Vinyl soffits and fascias are the best in the market since they are resistant to cracking, rotting, and also warping. They, therefore, are maintenance free.

After knowing what soffits and fascias are, and their differences, you may now check to see if they are in good condition or need replacing. In the latter case, you can hire a professional to help you with the process.